Channeling the Attentiveness of Squirrels on Drugs...

I have no idea what that means, but it would probably be easier than keeping me on a consistent track.  The randomness of my projects is comparable only to the randomness of my attention.  Seriously, its like the wheel on Wheel of Fortune…constantly spinning, not really going anywhere, but sometimes you hit a jackpot!

I'll try to include stuff that could be useful to someone else in their efforts in compliance, defense, offense, money laundering…underwater basket weaving.  My good friend and cohort in crime Noah is an expert in…never mind…

Hacking the Emergency Alert System

Presentation Layer 6.5

Conference Video Recording Systems

FISMA Tools (coming soon)

Random collection of tools for compliance reporting via overly complex Excel spreadsheets.  These may be dated, but should be pretty easy to make current.

FISMA Comprehensive Assessment Tool Template
Includes filtering for all NIST 800-53A Revision 3 controls and was designed to correlate with fields in DoJ CSAM software.  Should still be generic enough for anyone trying to do an entire NIST assessment in a single document (especially scheduled reviews of already accredited systems).  Does require macros, but I assure you I didn't back door it too bad.

Technical Findings Template
A method to assist the technical people responsible for fixing stuff to reference exactly what it was that was "broken" to cause some random finding.  Primarily based around the DISA STIGS, but can be adapted to reference other technical compliance documents.

Splunk TA for NIST and CVE Libraries
I had wanted to release this years ago but have been prevented from doing so.  I'm working on an updated version and hope to have something out in 2015.