BSides Augusta 2017 Video


Too many talks to list them all like usual, so checkout the playlist below.  This was the most simultaneous tracks of video I've ever taken on and it wouldn't have been possible without help from James Bower @jamesbower!

In summary, there are 20 posted talks, 2 which weren't recorded/posted, and 1 which was missed due to...
IT team implemented a "network hardening" script cause "hackers were coming!"


About 20 minutes before opening remarks, the Augusta University IT team implemented a "network hardening" script cause "hackers were coming!"  It worked! It also knocked out the building's phone system, Crestron automation system (which controls their audio/video systems), and pretty much everything else connected to a switch in that building (PoE & all)!  This delayed our setup a good 40min (time spent proving we weren't the cause...) and prevented us getting Track4 setup in time for the 1st speaker.