Security CONs...

Been a crazy year already for CONs.  I made it out to CarolinaCON, Outerz0ne, and a handful of meet ups, CTFs, and competitions so far.  Already got tickets to Blackhat, DEFCON, and the crazy "vendor" events that are sure to be…educational.

Skydog beating me up…I deserved it.
Not everyone gets one of these! Thanks Skydog!

Strangely, my perspective on all these events is a little skewed as of late due to some interesting CFP feedback.  Vendors drive the conferences and subsequently suck up all the good slots!  So…

Bringing me to the point, I'm putting it out for one CON that you need to make it to this year…SkydogCON.  I've gotten sucked in and in a good way.  After making it out in 2012, I got plugged in with Skydog and now work on staff to support, plan, and stage the CON.

If you were lucky enough to make it to Outerz0ne at the beginning of April, in Atlanta, GA, then you probably got to see me…trust me, you would remember if you were there!  But don't let that experience or my recommendation keep you from showing out!