Crashpad 1.0: Verifone Mx870

More Fun Breaking Finance Stuff

Its always fun getting stuff to crash and take control!  Unlike our previous ATM Fail post, this one didn't result in money coming out of a machine.  I always enjoy getting texts from Noah when he's been up to his mischief.

If only he would do his own blog posts…I'm sure this has been done somewhere before, but here it goes anyways.

The Verifone MX870

You've likely encountered one of these in your retail transactions.  Apparently they're fairly easy to reset and the default login key is pretty readily available.  I'm only going as far to say…DO NOT DO THIS!

Magic causes crash…notice the date, active user, and…ethernet network?

I also like that we are able to see the core application is a .EXE which should make for some fun later…

And returning to normal.

To be continued...