BSidesLV 2013: Dungeons & Dragons, Siege Warfare & Fantasy Defense-in-Depth

Other than the very long and terribly deceiving title, our talk facilitated a discussion on accepting the imminent failure of the defense-in-depth approach, the future pervasiveness of "pervasive/ubiquitous computing", and outlined a potential new data protection framework for ubiquitous computing.

We'll be releasing some updated diagrams/slides on the concept in posts to come and will hopefully have some code to post soon.  Per advice from several parties, we will state herein that technology frameworks discussed are Patent-Pending.  It is still the intention to keep the framework open source but certain protections must be in place first.  Thanks!

Thanks to @irongeek_adc for recording and posting as always!

If the discussion on defense-in-depth protection interest you, check out @selil's post HERE for a much more academic perspective.