CON Video Rig Page

While I'm sitting here late at night rendering video from this year's SkyDogCon, I figured I'd take a minute to standup a new page on my site called "Video" to document some of the equipment, etc., we use to capture all the CON video.  The demand over the past year for IronGeek or myself to come record videos for security conferences has been overwhelming and it is hard to say no!  That said, I've promised to do this since SkyDogCon 2013 and have absolutely failed to deliver.

A quick disclaimer, there are new devices coming out all the time and you may find something that meets your needs better.  Let me know what you find!

I'll try to do some updates and provide some more detail on each component's configuration to save you guesswork when assembling or configuring your CON video rig.  If you have questions hit me up on Twitter or email.  Until then here is a video from SDC2013 with IronGeek, SkyDog, and myself all talking about video rigs, etc.