Security Onion Conference 2017 Videos


Amazing how much this conference has grown in such a short period of time and how many 1st time attendees this year!  The Security Onion user community has certainly grown and I'm sure will continue to do with its coming updates including ELK.

One of my biggest takeaways from this year is a quote from Matt Domko @HashtagCyber from his presentation:
"The only way I can fix more than one network at a time is to...share information!" -Matt Domko @HashtagCyber
I was such a simple truth so often overlooked and said much more concisely than I've tried in past presentations/panels on how our industry is often explicitly denied from sharing information (presentation "Failing, Scaling, Abdicating" ISSA Chattanooga, 2016).

Until next year, enjoy the videos & if you're not using Security Onion, go check it out!


Welcome and Opening Remarks 
Doug Burks @dougburks

Network Baseline Generation & Alerts w Bropy
Matt Domko @HashtagCyber

Building your Sec Ops Use Case
Don Murdoch @BlueTeamHB

Snort: History and Vision
Joel Esler @JoelEsler

Orchestrating into SO-OODA
Rob Gresham @SOCologize

Pivoting Effectively to Catch More Bad Guys
Chris Sanders @chrissanders88

State of the Onion (Closing Remarks)
Doug Burks @dougburks