BSides Iowa 2017 Videos Posted

A quick recap... After a year off, BSides Iowa regrouped with great success and put on a great event! I get to travel all over the US, sometimes beyond, and can tell you few places have surprised me with the quality of infosec talent like Iowa.  Being bluntly honest, in my first visit in 2015 I didn't really expect much but went home blown away.  I was excited to go back this year and hang with this group again and they didn't disappoint.
The SecDSM group put on an awesome CTF and lockpick village along with representation from TOOOL.  I rarely get sucked into CTFs, but while editing video I found myself distracted by working with someone sharing the table to crack some of the challenges they were attempting.  Congrats on a job well done to the team who put in so much effort to bring the CTF and locksport to the con.
This year special recognition was given to 2 BSidesIA organizers who carried the torch of the event but are no longer with us. Both were very much in everyone…

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